Terms & Conditions

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1. Parties

Conducting the activities of the internet website Webguardme, Perspective Consultancy Limited of (hereinafter Webguard) and as The Member of Webguardme internet services user (hereinafter The Member)

2. Subject and Scope of the Contract

Webguard.me is an internet website owned by Webguard. Subject and scope of this contract is to specify the utilization conditions of the Webguardme internet website for The Member.

3. Rights and Duties of the Parties

3.1 The Member confirms that all the personal and so forth information provided is statutorily accurate. In the possible events of damages against Webguard arising from incongruity of the information provided The Member hereby agrees full responsibility and to provide immediate and complete compensation.

3.2 The Member will be provided with a private password. The Member agrees with complete responsibility of not to share, give or utilize this password with any other individual and/or establishment of any kind. For the responsibilities arising from this matter and against all the claims and/or demands by third parties and officials Webguard retains the right to claim compensation for the unauthorized usage of this password.

3.3 The Member hereby undertakes to follow and obey the legal regulations and agrees to show utmost caution. The Member will be subject to legal and criminal liabilities in an event of failure to comply.

3.4 The Member agrees to consider the generally accepted moral and/or ethical rules and regulations whilst preserving copyrights, infringement and intellectual properties, refraining from erroneous acts of abusing, disturbance and disrupting the generally accepted public order. The Member also agrees to refrain from the activities (spam, virus, trojan and similar) which may deprive others the right of using the services.

3.5 Written, declared shared, published and used contents by The Members on Webguard.me will be regarded as members’ personal opinions and Webguard will neither be associated nor be held liable with the acts specified above. Furthermore, Webguard will not be hold responsible for the damages caused to the third parties from the acts of members and damages caused by the act of third parties to members.

3.6 Webguard will not be hold liable in an event of member database breach by unauthorized people and occurring damages against member software and data. The Member hereby agrees not to claim for normal and/or consequential damages deriving from the usage of Webguardme internet website.

3.7 The Member acknowledges the privacy of other internet users and declares not to access or abuse other users software and data information without consent. The Member will be hold responsible for the legal and criminal charges which may arise from noncompliance of this clause.

3.8 The Member will be hold personally responsible with legal and criminal charges if it violates any article of this contract whereas Webguard will not be hold accountable for the above mentioned violations. Furthermore, Webguard retains the right to claim for noncompliance damages in the possible event of legal recourses in the courts of law against The Member.

3.9 According to this Contract Webguard, at all times, possesses the right to terminate The Membership of The Member and dispose all the client related information. The Member hereby accepts this conduct and agrees not to hold Webguard responsible.

3.10 The website software and design of Webguard.me is the property of Webguard. Copyrights and/or all the related intellectual property content is protected by laws and are forbidden to be used and changed by The Member without authorization. Other companies and products appearing on this website are registered trademarks and are also protected by intellectual property laws.

3.11 Webguard may, for improvement and enhancement of the website Webguard.me or for legal purposes, gather information such as internet service provider names, internet protocol (IP) addresses, website access date and time, accessed pages and addresses of the website for directly accessing the internet.

3.12 In order to provide better service, improve the products and services, to enhance the usage of the website and for the works related to the user’s specific preferences Webguard may use members’ personal information. Webguard also retains the right to keep the records of The Members’ activities on the Webguardme internet website.

3.13 All new members of Webguardme agree and declare permission to receive, in accordance with the future applications, products and services introductions, advertisements, offers, surveys and other related customer care, enhancement and satisfaction applications. Upon membership The Member permits Webguard to use, share and record all previous, present and future personal and shopping or purchase information and shopping or purchase or consumer activities with or through Webguard and with all its subsidiary companies. Upon the expiration of The Membership and unless otherwise declared accordingly The Member’s permission will be valid for using, recording and archiving related data by Webguard and all its subsidiary companies. Unless otherwise stated The Member permits Webguard and all its subsidiary companies to contact and communicate through the means of internet, telephone, sms and other similar services. Webguard and all its subsidiary companies will not be held liable with claims for normal and/or consequential damages and/or material and/or moral indemnities and/or derivatives. The Member may apply and request Webguard customer care center for changing its data sharing preferences.

3.14 If a member’s personal information is requested for legal requirements and/or purposes Webguard will,

a. abide legal requirements or legal notification procedures,

b. may, bona fide, disclose member’s information in order to protect and advocate the rights and ownership of Webguard, its subsidiary companies, Webguardme website and its subsidiaries.

3.15 The necessary precautions within existing limits to protect the Webguard website from viruses and similar software are provided. Furthermore, the user is obliged to provide and form its own virus protection program and necessary precaution in order to ensure the ultimate protection. In this context The Member accepts its own direct and indirect responsibility on the errors and consequences which may derive from its own software when linked with Webguard.

3.16 Webguard retains the right to dispose the recorded user information and data on Webguard website and to change or end the service provided to the users at all times.

3.17 Webguard may revoke, update or change the conditions of The Membership contract without any notification. Updated, changed or revoked conditions will be binding as of immediate effect.

3.18 Parties mutually declare and agree that in an event of conflict or disagreement Webguard computer records are the ultimate and exclusive proof of evidence.

3.19 By signing this Contract The Member authorizes Webguard to send informational emails and SMS to The Member’s registered email account and mobile telephone.

3.20 The Member undertakes not to hold responsible Webguard, its directors, administrators, personnel, representatives, license and service providers or third-party software providers within the scope of this Contract and Webguard is relieved from the damages, losses and costs of The Member’s breach of this Contract and incongruity against legal regulations. In the event of Webguard’s liability Webguard retains the right to defend and claim on behalf of The Member and The Member is deprived of the right to claim until Webguard is duly informed and written consent is obtained.

4. Termination of the Contract

This Contract will be in effect until the cancellation of The Membership by The Member or Webguard. Webguard reserves the unilateral right of abolishing The Membership and terminating this Contract upon The Member’s violation of any clause of this Contract.

5. Conflict Resolution

Conflicts arising from this Contract will be resolved in Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus Courts of Law.

6. Implementation

This Contract is of effect with the commencement of The Membership and signatory member hereby declares full and complete acceptance of the clauses of this Contract.

7. Indemnification

You understand that by accepting these terms and conditions you are providing “written instructions” to Csidentity Corporation and its employees, agents, subsidiaries, affiliates, contractors, third party data and service providers, and all other credit reporting agencies under the fair credit reporting act (FCRA), as amended, including Experian, Transunion, Equifax and affiliated entities, to access your credit files from each national credit reporting agency and to exchange information about you with each national credit reporting agency in order to verify your identity and to provide the services to you. You agree and hereby authorize Csidentity Corporation to provide your personally identifiable information (or, if applicable, information about any minor children you have enrolled) to third parties as provided in our privacy policy, as may be amended from time to time, in order to provide the services to you (and to those children you have enrolled). You further authorize Csidentıty Corporation to obtain information and reports about you (or about any children you have enrolled, if applicable) in order to provide the services, including, but not limited to, credit monitoring services, credit reporting, identity monitoring, fraud resolution services, restoration services, address history reports, name and alias reports, criminal reports or sex offender reports, and to provide monitoring and alerts.